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We have been directly responsible for the creation of the following products.
VideoSubSystem Admin System
The back end for the VideoSubSystem is a very user friendly, easy to use administration system.

The screens are bright and logical in layout and function and the  system is easily extended.

Written in C++ using the wxWidgits cross platform library. It allows multiple users to share the same data which is controlled by a single server component with data exchanged via XML messages.


DOD: Parachute Training and Assessment System

Jump school is a combination of backend desktop admin and hand held software to control all functions from registering trainees through to assessing their jumps.

It contains additional functionality to allow march in, manifesting, medic, and provides various statistics throughout the running of a training course.

Created in Protara, JavaScript and C++ with an sqlite database on both the desktop and handheld device.

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DOD: Overseas Training and Education Database

This database driven desktop system allows the staff of the Overseas Training and Education division of the DOD to enter and track students and  costs for personal training overseas.

The system has a built in reminder system which alerts staff when various actions and follow ups are due.

Created entirely in Protara and JavaScript, this uses a client server model to allow multiple users to be working on the database at the same time.

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DOD: Civil Accreditation Database

Faced with a backlog of over 5,000 applications, we were called to help automate the process of producing certificates for training undertaken by DOD personnel.

Given the locked down nature of the DOD desktops a custom application could not be used.

The solution, created entirely in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Microsoft Access, mimicked the usual workflow and  quickly bought the backlog under control.

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Elders: Livestock Sales

This handheld application was one of the first to use the then "new" GRPS communications to transmit information about sales brokered between buyers and sellers by Elders agents  directly from the sale yards or properties.

Created in C++ and running on iPaq handhelds a broker could select or enter buyer and seller information, enter sales or track the progress of previous sales. 

A backend server was also created and was responsible for receiving the sales and submitting them to existing in-house systems via IBM WebSphere MQ.

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Air Liquide: Gas Cylinder Delivery System

This system allowed truck drivers to receive their consignments and deliver their product registering cylinder drop-off's and pick-ups along the way.

One key element of the system was the production of the dangerous goods manifest as required by law.

Written in C++ with the back end server interfacing to existing systems via specially constructed tables in an MSSQL database.  

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