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Project Management

Rocktree's Management and Project Management skills have been utilized by many organisations. One of our strengths is that key staff are self sufficient and motivated, and can handle activities from the initial analysis through to development, documentation and management of a project.

Our management skills range from the current small dynamic company that it is today, to managing over 40 people in both hardware and software design.

As project manager for AWA’s USA distributor, American Wagering Inc., Peter helped them establish a linked game of Keno in the state of Nevada. This included not only project management but also the development of a protocol converter that will allow many different manufacturers' LED boards and Jackpot meters to interface with the Keno system. He also developed Windows programs that can communicate with the Keno UNIX host system, and automatically, retrieve nominated files, then process them and convert the data into various database tables for later reporting.

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